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Turned Edge Binders | We make various types of ring binders, including turned edge, where the fabric is glued to the board and wrapped around the edges.

Poly Binders | We also make cut edge stiff poly plastic binders and poly binders.  This is a single unit of polyolefin, die cut and scored to form a loose leaf binder.

Entrapment Binders | Entrapment Binders have a clear overlay sheet that can be placed over your printed sheet on the outside of the Binder. The advantage of this product is that you can place a four color printed sheet on the outside and incase this sheet permanently to give your binder a very upscale look.

Easel Binders | Easel Binders are custom binders that can be used for presentations and point of purchase displays. The binder is manufactured to stand up and open so that the contents can be displayed in an upright position.

All of these can be decorated by silkscreen printing, foil stamping, embossing, or offset printing in 1 to 4 or more colors. Normally, we make the cover fit the pages that are going into the binder, but sometimes the cover will be over-sized. Tremendous flexibility is available to fit your project’s needs.

Index TabsWe offer high-speed automatic index tab converting equipment that allows us to convert your printed tabs. Different colors of Mylar can be applied to the tab area, and we have cutting tools for the tab extension. We can also reinforce the binding edge, gather insets, and drill holes.