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Perfect Binding

HOTMELT | Perfect binding, (also known as adhesive binding) is a process where the folded edge of the signatures are ground off (allow for 1/8″ grind) exposing the loose sheets, that then have hot melt or PUR glue applied to the binding edge prior to the cover being applied.

Two Up Splitter | We have a two-up book splitter that allows for a very economical binding method for books up to 5-3/8″ x 8-3/8″ and quantities of 40,000 and above. This method has very specific guidelines that have to be followed, so be sure to get with your representative for assistance.bound books are very economical, but are not as durable as a Smyth sewn paper cover book.

Smyth Sewn | The Smyth sewn paper cover book has the folded signatures Smyth sewn, and then gets the cover glued on. Excellent for heavy coated text pages; often used for cookbooks, music books, museum catalog books, and textbooks.

Otabind | Layflat Binding is where the spine of the book is not attached to the spine of the cover. Universal Bookbindery, Inc. is a licensed provider using the Otabind method for layflat binding.

PUR | We utilize PUR glue, which allows us to produce layflat books printed on coated text pages, as well as on uncoated paper. Good for songbooks, cookbooks, reference books, training books, or any book where having the book lay open is desirable.